Where is Maldives located and things to do in Maldives

While Maldives is one of the most popular exotic beach holiday destinations in the world there are still many people who have never heard of this beautiful paradise. Sometimes when they are on social media they may see pictures of Maldives and immediately asks the question where is Maldives located? Amazingly beautiful place that you never thought existed is what you see when you explore wonderful places on social media or search engines.


Maldives is located about 710 km west of Sri Lanka. Maldives is on the south west of India, Kerela is the closest point that measure about 460 km to Haa Alifu Atoll of the Maldives.

Europe is quite far from Maldives, the distance between Maldives and Europe is about 6000 km. Even though Europe is not close by, most of the visitors arriving Maldives for holiday are Europeans. In winter the cold is unpleasant for most people and they travel to the Maldives to enjoy sunny vacations where the year round temper remains between 26 degrees and 32 at most, usually around 28 – 30 degrees.

Maldives is sunny throughout the year, there is no winter, spring or autumn that takes place in the Maldives. The dry climate is perfect for many European holiday seekers.

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Asians also love the Maldives. After Europeans the second largest market for Maldives is Asia. Maldives is popular among Chinese and Japanese. Singaporeans, Malaysians and Indonesians visiting Maldives are increasing years by year. The recently started guesthouse market offers budget holidays under US$100 a day attracts East Asian guests.

Amazing views of the white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons are just the beginning of the holiday for guests who love to experience the Maldives. Beauty of the Maldives largely lies underwater. There are over 3000 reefs in the Maldives. If you try Scuba Diving in the Maldives you will get addicted. It is simply irresistible. If you are not a swimmer you may start learning with help of from your resort or guesthouse. Local guides are very keen and helpful for beginners, they want you to see what they see. Even without swimming experience you can join snorkeling excursions in which Snorkeling Guide leads the group and non-swimmers wear lifejackets. Attempting to snorkel alone or together with another non-swimmer is a bad idea. If you are good swimmers then you may snorkel together. Most of the resorts have house reef with beautiful coral and schools of colourful fish.

Every resort has spa where you can obtain facial treatments, back massage or even full body. After spending some fun time in the sea it is very soothing to relax in spa while therapists massage your body.

Sipping drinks and watching sunset, talking about the good times with your partner could turn to a more romantic moment than you have though. Maldives is the true paradise on earth and that is where people find their own souls connected to the tune of nature.

Dolphin watching, private escapes to uninhabited islands, sunset cruise, watersports, night fishing and big game fishing are the common but popular activities among the guests. Resorts also offer in-land sports such as tanis, table tanis, football, valley ball, badminton. Collection of inland sports offered varies from resort to resort.