Vakkaru Maldives The Honeymoon Manta Destination

Honeymoon is one of the best days a person can experience in their lifetime. When two people fall in love, they have an urge to spend their life with each other. Honeymoon is a way to celebrate marriage, and when you are a newlywed, you definitely want to spend your honeymoon in a special place. Vakkaru Maldives Resort is definitely one of these places. 

Find the best destination for your honeymoon

It’s not easy to find the best destination for your honeymoon, no matter if it’s your first or not. There are so many beautiful destinations where people go every year, and this place must be special for both you and your spouse. Before you plan a honeymoon, you must ask yourself how much money do you plan to spend, do you want adventuruous or peaceful honeymoon, and do you want to spend your honeymoon in a touristic place or not.

How to plan your honeymoon?

Average married couple spend around four thousand dollars for their honeymoon. Don’t be cheap when you plan your honeymoon because this is one of the most special events in your life. Although many people want to take a cruise or something, there are many couples who want to spend their time in a single place, and Vakkaru Resort is definitely a place to be.

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Maldives are great romantic destination for couple, place where you can swim with your loved one, when you can take a long walks and try tasty food. According to many couples, Maldives are perfect place for honeymoon and if you visit Vakkaru Maldives Resort, you will probably think the same. Maldives are full with sandy beaches and perfect weather conditions. Imagine you and your spouse on the hot sunny day on the beach, while drinking some refreshing cocktail, worry-free. Vakkaru Maldives  Resort offers exactly that.

Vakkaru Maldives Resort For Honeymoon

If you want to remember your honeymoon forever, Vakkaru Maldives Resort is definitely a good choice. Planning a honeymoon can be stressful event, even more stressful than planning your wedding.  But if you love to organize a trip, planning a honeymoon can be very interesting and exciting. Maldives are one of the most popular destinations for all newlyweds who want to have romantic honeymoon. Before packing, you must read as much as you can about Maldives, about people over there and what are main do’s and don’ts. If you want to explore this country, always plan a budget.

Where is Vakkaru Resort?

vakkaru beach

Vakkaru Maldives Resort is situated on a enclave in Baa Atoll, it’s a UNESCO Reserve. Vakkaru Maldives Resort is a tropical environment where protection is at the highest levels, where you can encounter a real island escape in the middle of the Ocean, where it is a standout amongst the most attractive goals on earth.

Regardless of whether you are going as a couple on a honeymoon, or in a bigger gathering with family and companions, the hotel offers very unique experience. For every type of person, you can do all the things you like. Resort highlights more than one thousand completely developed coconut trees, and visitor zones incorporate bars, restaurants and a zone for relaxation and recreation.


There are several different rooms and villas to rent. You can rent bungalow near the beach if you want to listen to the waves while you are sleeping. One villa is settled between influencing coconut trees and luxurious design. It’s the best decision for couples who need to relax and have a great time in the turquoise waters. Villa includes indoor and open air shower, patio, large beds and a shoreline.

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Villa offer quiet space on the Beach resort and it has a private pool, with the rooms and a restroom all confronting the blue waters. You can enjoy the ocean from every room and this is why people loves this villa the most.

Most villas and bungalows are perfect hideaway and they are intended for two grown-ups and their perfect honeymoon. Villa with a pool is eminent two-story home and it’s relaxing and calm.  You can enjoy fresh air and maximum guarantee of security. The Residence includes private pool, ocean view, porch, spa patio, wash room, and three bedrooms.

Things to do in Vakkaru Maldives Resort

During your special first night in the resort, there are various things you could appreciate doing together. Regardless of what you like, you can have good time at spa or water sports, depending on your hobby. While you are in the Maldives you want to try as much as opportunities you have. Don’t forget to swim around an island, visit the shoreline or take a cruise and explore Maldives at its finest.

A picturesque place near Velana International Airport moves you into an exceptional heaven where you can meet the charm of Maldivian culture. People over there are friendly and you will feel like you’re at home. If you are into romance at love, this resort will definitely stay in your memory forever. And who knows, maybe it will become destination you’ll visit every year.


You haven’t decided where do you want to spend your honeymoon yet? Don’t worry, we have a special deal just for you. Vakkaru Maldives Resort is a place for young people, for people who are in love and who want to remember their honeymoon for ever and ever. Visiting Vakkaru Maldives Resort for your honeymoon is definitely the best choice you can get.

Villas and resorts are something special. Vakkaru Maldives Resort offers unique way to relax and to have some precious time with your loved one. There are also special saving offers which you can take in order to save some money, and this is also very important to many couples.