Noonu Atoll Map, Resorts and Islands

Noonu Atoll is an unusually beautiful area in the Indian Ocean that adorns many small islands surrounded by coral spurs. Some of them are inhabited, and most of them are converted into exclusive private resorts where people spend their holidays. Maldives look like paradise, and many visitors can agree with this statement. The exclusivity of the islands in Noonu Atoll made this place a favorite destination of the world’s wealthiest people. Islands are full with palm trees and beautiful white sandy beaches, and there are also turquoise lagoons with coral reefs by their side. In the tranquility of the greenery and in its tropical nature and the climate of the eternal summer, Maldives are the destination you want to visit several times in your life.

Enjoyment is complete if you spend your time on sandy beaches with white sand and azure sea and in exquisite luxury hotels. The Republic of Maldives is known as the smallest state of Asia, with more than three hundred thousand inhabitants and it is spread in the area of around three hundred square kilometers. It is also the smallest lowest state in the world because its average altitude is only one meter. The highest point of the Maldives is a hill, and the 14 islands in the Maldivian archipelago have already been evicted due to soil erosion.

Tourism is definitely the most developed branch of economy and this is not without a reason. Many hotels and resorts on these islands are perfect places for vacation. Residents of Maldives are friendly and they are good in nature.

luxury resort noonu atoll

You can try your abilities to fish, swim and even snorkel, and you should know that exports of fish and fish products make up more than 90 percent of state revenues. In the time of the fishing season, half of the male population is in the Indian Ocean. Noonu Atoll people are proud of their wonderfully beautiful country, which is a unique network of exclusive resorts. Thanks to tourism the majority of the population lives very well during whole year. The most famous islands of the Indian Ocean are visited  throughout the year. The crystal sea and the incredible beaches with amazing sunsets will leave you breathless.

The Maldives are also known for amazing wedding celebrations. It is part of a unique tourist offer for all couples who want to marry choose this destination for amazing ambient of indescribable beauty. On Noonu Atoll, there are many resorts where you can experience luxury service. If you want private island for yourself, you will get it. Accommodations are extraordinary, in some resorts almost every villa has a pool and beautiful restaurants with nice meals. You can also get a drink at the bar in the evening. Rooms are equipped with air condition and TV where you can watch locale programmes, but you probably don’t want to spend your time watch television, right? There are so many things you can do, you will not be bored at all.

Maldives are truly unbelievable place and according to many tourists, Maldives are paradise on earth. A series of coral islands with sky blue color are perfect for everyone who wants to visit magnificent beach at any time of the year. There is a vegetation that looks out of this world. You can choose bungalows above the sea or on the sandy beach.

The resorts are great, but they are close and each of these resorts is actually an island for itself, and you do not have to speak with locals, except when they serve you. That’s why many people are actually in the non-touristic part.

velaa private island in noonu atoll

Noonu Atoll is also called Southern Miladhunmadulu Atoll and it is a division of the Maldives in the southern area of Miladhunmadulu Atoll. The capital is Manadhoo. There are around ten thousand people in this area. The entire area comprises of around seventy islands and only thirteen of these island are occupied. Their names are Hebadhoo, Holhudhoo, Kedhikolhudhoo, Miladhoo, Kudafari, Lhohi, Fodhdhoo, Maalhendhoo, Magoodhoo,  Landhoo, Maafaru and Velidhoo.

Alongside the supposed nearby islands, Noonu Atoll is likewise home of six extravagant hotels. They are named as Noku Maldives, Soneva Jani, Cheval Blanc, The Sun Siyam, Robinson Club Noonu and Velaa Private Island. One more is has recently been opened on Kuredhivaru island, it is known as Movenpick Resort Kuredhivaru. Vegetation of these islands are hard to copy and it is amazing.

noonu atoll diving by velaa island

Noonu Atoll has the most elevated thickness of swarming angles which can be found in the Maldives, particularly Fusiliers and Snappers. You can swim with dolphins here if you are brave enough. The channel toward the west of this atoll is called Baraveli Kandu. “Baraveli” signifies a crab in Dhivehi language. Some of the islands here are known as Haa Alifu, Shaviyani, Noonu, Haa Dhaalu, Baa, Kaafu, Raa, and so forth are not actual names of the islands, but code letters allocated to the present regulatory divisions of the Maldives. A few atolls are separated into two regulatory divisions while different divisions are comprised of at least two atolls.

You can visit Maldives in June or July, you can visit it in the August and September, but this time of year is the highest rainfall. Every island seems to have a separate climate and if it rains on one island, it may be sunny on the next one. You can have a beach for yourself if you go to off season. Prices vary and there is also different availability of accommodations. Many accommodations are almost twice as expensive than others, and you definitely want to find that suits your budget. There are no crowd on the non-resort islands for tourists. In addition, unlike resorts where all-inclusive arrangements are available, smaller islands offer everything you need.