Nautilus Maldives the new luxury private island of romance

Private island is just a dream come true to many people. Owning a private island is something many people, especially ladies, want, but today, you can just rent a private island, you don’t have to buy it. What are the disadvantages of private island? This question is perhaps not useful if you already know what private island is, but many people haven’t even heard of private islands. Private island is an island miles away from civilization, and you can spend your holidays there without worrying about crowded hotel or too many people on the beach. Private island is heaven on Earth, and many couples want to spend their honeymoon or vacation on private island.

What is luxury private island?


Luxury private island is a place where you can just rest or relax, or you can even organize parties. But, luxury private island is not for everyone. You cannot just call bunch of people you don’t know and go wild. You can be fined for this because there are rules you need to follow if you want to spend your vacation on luxury private island. The best and most safest way to spend your holiday there is not to call anyone, you can spend free time with your loved one only.


Many women want to own a private island but this is not neccessary because owning an island is not that cheap. You will spend there only couple of weeks per year, but you have to pay taxes and to pay someone to look after your island, a caretaker or any other person connected to an island. Because of this, it’s so much better to rent a private island, or even better, to rent luxury private island. Spending your vacation on private island is a dreamy-like, you can have perfect vacation without too many people and crowded area. You will be far away from the civilization, and you can do whatever you want. Luxury private islands are quiet and safe to spend your vacation without worrying about anything. You will have sandy and clean beach all for you, along with luxury villas or bungalow where you will sleep in a giant king size bed. According to many people who visited luxury private islands, you can also visit a spa, boat cruising, swimming and many many more.

The luxury private island experience


Nautilus Maldives is a private island that will make your fantasy come alive. It gives you a chance to relax in the middle of the beach with someone special, or even alone if you want. Rooms on Nautilus Maldives are cozy and big, with view on the ocean and breeze in the sun. You can visit the resort if you want to get away from crowd and people in general. It also has cottage for extra guests, and rooms you can use to eat and sleep all day long.

This amazing private island awaits you in Baa Atoll. You can join friendly staff and just after you prepare all your documents and paper work you will be on the island in just half an hour. Charter flights are also available. Nautilus is located on the land where there is no people. Luxury island is exclusive, so you don’t have to worry about intruders and trespassers. Tourists from all over the world adore Nautilus Maldives, and if you have a chance, visit this beautiful resort and have the best time of your life.


Nautilus Maldives is another term for heaven on Earth. Rooms here are amazing and private island is beautiful and luxurious. It is one of the most exclusive resorts in this part of the world, and you will get nothing but peace and rest. Service is top notch and only birds and fish will make you company. Nautilus Maldives will definitely be your place to hide. Explore this magnificent island and be amazed with its beautiful surroundings. You will definitely come back here one day because you will never forget it.

Have you ever had a thought of making something different in your life and go in an opposite direction from everything? If your answer is yes, luxury private island of Nautilus Maldives is your solution. In this area, there are a great deal of rooms, and every property is breath taking. This area is extraordinary, in light of the fact that you’re on an island, but you’re still highly involved with everything.


The rooms inside are little wonders. Tropical days and refreshing nights is all you need to make a perfect vacation. The sun is always shining and it gives you a chance to enjoy in this perfect occasion. All the standard offers ar here, there is a pool, solarium, sauna, and many many more for you to try. You can take advantage of everything you like.

This resort was made to become one of the most beautiful and once you get there you will understand why is Nautilus perfect place for vacation. There are more than twenty beaches in this area and houses for guests. You can book residence with one or two bedrooms, and all residences has high-quality furnishing and new and modern design and style. You will be mind blown when you step inside your new residence, and don’t forget to get the most out of it while you are on the island. Every day is like a dream, you can have breakfast anywhere you want, you can drink champagne all day long, and you can enjoy a cocktail in the sunset.



Nautilus Maldives is the luxury private island you’ll never forget. Located in a perfect spot where sun always shine and birds sing, you will have one of the best vacations of your life. Private island is perfect solution for all couples from all over the world, and if you are dreaming about your perfect vacation in Maldives, Nautilus Maldives is a way to go.