Maldives map shows where is Maldives located

The Maldives is located south west of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. It is a country entirely made up of small coral islands scattered over a large area of sea. It takes about 75 minutes to fly from Colombo to Maldives, about an hour and half from Trivendrum of India. Despite being located close to these two countries there is no land connection as Maldives is totally separated by sea. In fact each of 1192 islands of Maldives are separated by sea. Maldives map shows the country is located right next to Sri Lanka in the India Ocean. For holiday information and advice please visitĀ


Now you know where is Maldives located on the map. Let’s have a look at the islands of Maldives. Below is map of Kaafu Atoll which is just one of the 26 natural atolls in the country.


More maps can be found on Maldives Map Org homepage. All the atoll maps have been updated in November 2016. If there is any island that we have missed it must be very few. If you know please do drop us a line with the name of island and we will check. More information will be added up to each page later on. For the moment we just wanted to have the maps upload with an introduction. If you need more maps there is one that is very handy on Maldives FinestĀ and it too is updated. Since that is a country map not all islands are labelled. To label display each island the map needs to be divided into sections to zoom in so that you could read island names, otherwise the font is too small. So, we have divided the whole country into atolls and each atoll is presented as a separate map.


There are 1192 tiny coral islands in Maldives. These are only islands. What about the reefs? That is not even accounted in official resorts. So if you want to see everything on one page with island names written on the map the font will be really minute that it would appear like a line. Then when you zoom in the other islands are difficult to locate. It’s just too many islands.

So, I found the best approach would be to split up into atolls. If you want to locate any island just google and get the atoll name, then pick that particular map. It would not take long before you find the particular island. Now, you have an enriching experience. You have located the island. You can see near by resorts, local island, airports and even uninhabited islands. All the island come in green colour. Even on atoll level map some islands are too tiny to really appear like an actual island. So, there are many green dots on the map, these are actually islands.

For example, this is Kaafu Atoll. You can see there are many shapes that look like island but they are not in green colour. This means these are not islands but reefs or lagoons. These are particularly important for sea journeys. Also if you are visiting Maldives for holiday and you are keen diver, a handy map could help you find locations to ponder.

Popular dive sites have names. If all the reefs were labelled on this map it would have made it very difficult to filter out the islands and text might overlap in several places. In order to prevent that from happening and to keep this map simple clean the concentration was given to minimize the labels as much possible.