Carpe Diem Beach Resort opens in Baa Atoll Maldives

Relaxing on the beach and doing nothing is a great way to have some good time especially during a vacation. Although many people go to crowded European beaches there is a way to spend your vacation in a different way, in a location far away from the crowd and somewhere where nobody will bother you. Carpe Diem beach resort opens in Baa Atoll Maldives and you have to visit it as soon as possible to enjoy low rates of opening offer.

What to look for in Baa Atoll Maldives?

Many newlyweds visit Baa Atoll Maldives together on their honeymoon and this place is definitely a dream come true for many ladies. Nature over there is perfect, almost like from a fairytale, and all of them take as many pics as possible because they want to show their family and friends what is like to visit Maldives. Maldives are, after all these years, still one of the most popular travel destinations for couples. And this is not without a reason.

carpe diem beach villa

Holiday on the beach is perfect holiday for almost every traveler. If you like sunny days and enjoyable nights, spending your holiday on the beach resort is one of the best solutions you can get. Warm and sunny beach during the day is a place where everyone of us wants to be during summer vacation, or even during a honeymoon.

Carpe Diem is an old Latin saying and it means – seize the day. We have to seize every moment in life because we only live once. And what’s better thing to do than to travel? Traveling is a meaning of life to many people from different parts of the world, because if you travel you can meet different kind of people and learn about their culture. This beach resort in Maldives opens recently and it’s a perfect place for you to visit.

Before you visit this destination, you definitely must invest some time to plan this trip and to make a list of tips and things you need to finish before you go. Planning a trip to beach resort is not easy, you must follow some rules and to know exactly what to expect in case you don’t want to be disappointed. Baa Atoll is a destination that leaves no one disappointed, but you must know that it’s different than many European countries.

Planning a beach vacation

First thing you need to do is to decide what is your budget. Many couples, especially newlyweds, receive beach vacation as a gift from their parents, and they don’t have to worry about budget. But, if you plan this trip by yourself, you must know what expenses can you expect. You must know how much will you pay for airplane tickets, how much will you pay for the room, and what’s included in that price.

carpe diem resort aerial view

Beach getaway will give you a chance to enjoy near the coastline and to relax far away from your every day problems. You can spend whole day on the beach, you can sunbath, you can explore wild animals, you can take a boat and to cruise around, and you can even make sand castles if you want. Drink your favorite drink and enjoy without any worries while you spend your time on vacation.

What’s so special on Carpe Diem? Many things, we promise you that. Beaches are with white sand, and this looks magnificent. Waters are blue, and not just ordinary blue, but turquoise. Your vacation will be complete, and you will feel lot better when your vacation is over. Only thing is – you’ll want to come back as soon as possible.

The sand beaches are the most beautiful thing that nature has given us. This can only be confirmed by those who saw it for real. There is something characteristic in the white sand, something fairy like and somewhat unreal. Enjoy white sand beaches in the Maldives at unique prices, and before you decide on a trip, you must choose a place to stay. Depending on who you are traveling with, you can reserve a room for one, two or more bedrooms.

Things to do in Carpe Diem

So, you probably wondering what to do here. There are plenty of activities and you will not be bored, not for a second. Besides beautiful restaurants, there are activities for both men and women, younger and older people. No matter if you love to relax in a spa, or in some sort of a club, there is something here for everyone, you don’t have to worry about extra activities.

There are several restaurants where you can taste several different meals. With the meal, you can drink beer, wine or any other drink you want. You can have a breakfast, lunch or dinner in the restaurant and it will be one of the tastiest you will try. If you visit restaurant in the afternoon, you can drink tea or coffee.

water park

If you have children, don’t miss a chance to visit water park. There are trampolines, springboard, walls and many more. If you are interested in something different, snorkeling and diving is a way to go. Water sports can be so much fun too.

Sports is not that interesting to you? Don’t worry, you can learn to dance or you can go to the gym. You and your spouse can have some much fun every day, and you can do different activities each day. This will be one of the best vacations in your life.


island map

Faraway resort with sandy beaches and perfect weather condition is everything we want when we think about the perfect vacation. Carpe Diem is new beach resort in Maldives, and it awaits you and your loved one. Relax and a have a good time while enjoying tasty meal or refreshing cocktail on the beach. Most of the new resorts coming up in Maldives are luxury 5 star resorts, Carpe Diem is inexpensive and is affordable to most of the holidaymakers visiting Maldives. Instead of choosing an old hotel go for the freshness of just-opened heaven, grab the introductory offer that allows at least 30% discount. As a new resort they would also want to establish good reputation in terms of reviews, staff pays great attention to achieve that. Once you visit this resort, you will come back every year, you will always wanted to visit it again and again.